Unforeseen Fates

Crashing the Party

Game 11: When pigs fly..

Banquet on Gammor at Karkoth Bastion.. not what you expect.

Our intrepid adventurers managed to gain entrance to a banquet that lord Gorregar was having the night after their arrival at Karkoth bastion. During the ceremony Gorregar for entertainmet offers up a pair of slaves whom he kills in a grim display acusing them of Espionage. one fo the slaves a bothn manages to pass to Rysker something of unasuming importance unseen to its captors.

In the mean time one of the members of our group, the selonian is sneaking around the back of the mountain in an effort to gain entrance to the bastins since he is aware that the collector knows him by sight.

The team successfully plants the holorecorder in a place to hope fully capture the lord of karkoth in a compromising situation. Eventually the situation presents itself and the submissiveness of the Lord to a human is revealed.

Assuming roles as guests of status through efficient dialog, WIllo, Rozur, Cotte get tour of upper chambers by the majordomo of karkoth bastion. Tolen still on arena level then makes way upper chambers via a secondary elevator. Moments earlyer the selonian manages to find his way into the upper chambers of the bastion and subdues a human whom almost compromised his position.

Moments later the collector reveals himself searching for the missing assistant and finds himself in front of the party and the majordomo. Blasters are pulled and Weapons drawn, Chaos erupts in the ante chambers of the collectors quarters.

During the battle Rozur meets up with Rysker and they retrive the holovid, rushing out to the main arena floor they promptly play the vid for all of Gorregars followers to see. Pandemonium breaks out with calls of betrayal from those whom want to see gorregar fall and the few supporters whom believe it is deception. Mass Disruption of authority on arena floor as lieutenants and grunts argue between each other, small factions splintering off as Gorregar attempts to Restore authority.

WE end this session at a cliff hanger with the collector felled , and the bastion in disarray with infighting among the gammoreans. Gorregar on the arena floor among his supporters and opponents.

Cotte,Willo, Marrow, Tolen in upper chambers.
Rozur, Ryskr in lower slave pens.



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