Unforeseen Fates

Just rewards and Unintended Debts

AS the dust settles from the battle with the collector our heroes find themselves within the bastion as it slowly tears itself apart with Gamorean infighting.

While in the upper chambers the heroes realize they still are not alone as sounds emanate form the tower chamber of the collector. Racing up the stairs Tollen and then Cotte are blown back by withering firepower from the mercenary/ex bodyguard Jaxil.

Jaxil intent on calming his pay is stealing from the collector in this moment of opportunity revealing himself to be nothing more than a common thief. His efforts to get the good are thwarted by the remaining heroes whom disrupt his efforts by taking his ship and denying him his goods, force him to retreat from the chamber empty handed.

Realizing he loses noting by fleeing he does so with full knowledge of whom has crossed him twice in his efforts, a reckoning will come.

Below chambers a different scene unfolds as the arrival of the hut overlord of this system arrives due to troublesome reports of disruptions to his “business”

At the Same time Farooth arrives calming power over Karkoth bastion due to Gorregars betrayal of face. The results being Gorregar is unseated as leader and in a fit of rage challenges in open combat Farooth. The Selonian Marrow offers to be the champion and in quick but Vicious combat manages to severely wound Gorregar who cannot continue. In a show of mercy Marrow allows Gorregar to live.

The final moments reveal the Huttese lord is annoyed at the disruption of such base wants and needs, and Requires the heroes services for a task fo his own. His reasons his own but it will send them to the city of Besbin and the Jewel of Yavin



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