Unforeseen Fates

Big game hunter....
Game 9: Blast from the past comes knocking..

Two months have gone by when our heroes gather themselves once more after healing and recuperation. The time was needed to allow for Ja-soon to acquire necessary travel codes for the party to travel to Gammor.

The party soon discovers that a shadow of the past has resurfaced and is now slowly stalking the party half way across the galaxy which eventually comes to a head in a showdown inside the Wheel Space Station. Inside one of the vast ventilation shafts the Bodyguard of the one known as the watcher lays an ambush for our heroes and causes sever wounds upon two of them. He escapes untouched, leaving his calling card as a reminder of his presence. Gathering their wounded they manage to to once more embark on thier journey towards Gammor.

After several days of travel they reach Gammor landing at Drokoth spaceport. They our heroes venture forth into the nearby space port establishments and find themselves the attention of an elder Gammorean named Foroog. The heroes establish tha tht eone they seek may be in fact on gammor but for that information and aid they must aid Foroog as well.

Foroog informs the heroes that in order to reach the one they call the Collector they must go through the warlord Gorregar. Doing so by arms will not yield the force protecting the collector. And that a more political approach must be used by way of forcing Gorregar to lose face among those he leads. The stage is set on the world of Gammor..

Ye Yar No More..
Game 8: Rodians do shoot first!

With Cratarla and Harsol safely on board the adventurers decide to finally attempt to make thier way to Raxus Prime. As they break atmo the sensors come to life with several contacts closing fast upon their position, Tie Fighters.

Blasting their way through the picket line around the planet the ship arrives at Raxus several hours later landing at the designated drop off point indicated by Reom. upon arrival the heroes find that Reom was wounded by the YiYar clan having provided them direction to Cholganna under duress.

As the information is relayed and Cratarla and Harsol speak to the Capitain the YiYar show thie r hand in one last desperate effort to try and claim all the salvage, alive or otherwise from the wreckage of the Sa-Nalaor.

The YiYar launched a furious assault upon Reom and the heroes in an effort to once and for all wipe them out. The battle taking place in and around a restored CR-90 Reom had found on Raxus, several firefights erupted inside the tight corridors and around the landing pads near by. The heroes with luck and effort managed to shift the tide of battle in their favor after some tense but brief duels and bring the YiYar to their knees.

With Reom Safe , Cratarla and him work out a deal for the Cybernetics and begin a partnership with Isotech. Reom ever grateful for the heroes help considers them almost like family and brings them within his fold of trust.

Hammer Falls
Game 7: The might of the Imperium Revealed.

The following day things turn unexpectedly as the adventurers make contact with what appears to be the survivors of the Sa-Nalaor. Capt. Harsol introduces himself in not so many words and things become more clear for our group as they realize the Droid and Harsol are aquainted. The meeting is interrupted by the wounded cyber-nexu whom are dispatched with out due and and the group as a whole moves towards the survivor encampment.

Arriving at the camp the adventurers realize that the YiYar have also arrived. The survivors not not knowing the history between the two groups carries on unaware. The party and YiYar eye each other warily through out the evening not to cause havoc among the hosts camp. THE party learns from fellow camp members that the camp is split along ideology and beliefs regarding Harsols actions these last 20 years. Plans and conversation the next morning move along the lines of how to evacuate the camp now that the survivors have been found. Some want to stay others leave.

Around mid morning the calm is shattered by the atmospheric entry of a corvette above the camps location. Gun battles break out in the camp between the Yiyar and Adventurers as the Yiyar seize the opportunity midst the chaos to make a break without fulfilling their part of a bargain with harsol. The players prevent this betrayal and aid Cratarla and Harsol to escape the camp prior to the Imperial forces arriving by foot to the gates of the camp.

Following the Canyon wall away from the camp the sound of the approaching imperial force can be heard reaching the camp. The occasional blaster shot echoes but soon fades as the party reaches their ship.

Unfortunately they are not alone when they arrive as a patrol of storm troopers await outside the vessel with ISB officer Cal Ansen. With no words exchanged a fierce gun fight erupts as blaster scream across at each other with the heroes being victorious but severely wounded. Quickly they gather the survivors that followed them and other gear and quickly board the YT and blast off suing the canyons as cover in an effort to escape the scans of the Vigil corvette.

Hunters Hunted
Game 6: The Tomb of the Sal-Nalaor and that which keeps it

Arriving in system the adventurers are faced with a harrowing passage through an unexpected nebula field dotted with small asteroids. The vessel sustains minor bumps and scrapes as it navigates the dangerous space surrounding Cholganna.

Arriving into the planets heavy and humid atmosphere the group decides to start searching the estimated coordinates of the wreckage eventually finding an escape pod from the Doomed Sal-Nalaor. Upon closer examination they are suddenly beset by some of the natural wildlife in the form of a tree octopi which in turns disturbed a nest of green seekers. Clues about the crash are revealed in the wreckage and shortly after the group heads off once more following a determined trajectory.

Eventually they see the aft section and then locate the fore section of massive warship a kilometer apart. Eventually landing nearby they proceed to explore the hull of the massive ship encountering a pack of Cybernetic Nexu whom made the ship their home. After a harrowing battle with wounds on both sides the beasts break off leaving the adventurers holed up in the ship.

As the dusk sets in , a ship can be seen entering the planets atmosphere several kilometers away disappearing into the heavy foliage in a controlled landing.
Beyond the Rim CH2- pt1
Exploration of CHolgann finding the Sal-Nalaor and Nexu

Unseen Allies
Game 5: Escape from the pan into the fire...

The heroes found themselves detained on board their ship or within a cell on Nixor Station awaiting some uncertain fate at the hands of the local security force.

One of the contacts they made on the station had reason to see the adventurers escape the clutches of the security forces and assisted them in escaping but not without a trade in deed. The players relayed to Ja-Soon the predicament and Ja-Soon offered to find a travel deed to Gamorr in exchange for a request of his. They were going to have to help a friend out on the The Wheel before Ja-Soon would help them get to their next destination, Gamorr.

With a purpose in hand they traveled to The Wheel and meet an individual named Reom

Arriving upon the Wheel they quickly made contact with Reom whom without fanfare informed them of a situation concerning a long lost ship and a salvage pot found in space. A clue to a possible destination for a ship known as the Sal-Nalaor. Promising Pay and salvage rights he hired the group to travel to Cholganna on his behalf.

This Journey would not be without incident as other parties namely the YiYar Clan, a group or Rodian Salvage crew had gotten wind of the prized wreckage and quickly made themselves know that they were not going to sit by idle while the spoils were recovered by others.

After a small altercation with the YiYar the adventurers set of to the nebula shrouded jungle world of Cholganna.

Racing against Time...
Game 4: Journey to Nixor Station

Marrow finally opens up to his fellow companions after New Meen concerning his dilemma about an artifact stolen from him and his people. The good Bothan doctor at his side seemingly able to provide some additional information about possible lead and where it may be heading guides the party to travel unexpectedly to Nixor Station in Mid-Rim.

Arriving at Nixor Station the adventurers split up to cover more of the station in order to attempt to locate the person known as “The Collector”. Some established new contacts especial a sabbac den operator named Ja-Soon , others shopped for equipment or simply enjoyed the local cuisine. Eventually the ship carrying the wanted individual is located in one of the docking bays and a plan is devised to infiltrate the ship.

Rozour manages to infiltrate the vessel and glean some important information about its comings and goings. meanwhile the rest of the adventurers managed to start a running gun battle within one of the massive passage halls of Nixor Station culminating in one entire wing of the station being shut down due to damage and the entire group being arrested or detained by station security. During this time the Collector departed the station and faded into the deep of space.

Unlikely Heroes
Game 3: Saving of Bur-Ban and the village Nabbat on Rylos

Arriving at the mining town of New Meen, the heroes realize that this is a town under siege by a band of cut throat marauders. The band of mercenaries is led by a vicious Aqualish known as Dromb who by insidious means intends to drive the residents from their homes thus taking control of the mining town.

The heroes would need an opportunity to force the mercenaries out of New Meen and restore the safety to the settlement. This opportunity would present itself one evening as a group of the mercenaries in a drunken stupor decided to cause havoc in the community and were faced down by the heroes.

After the altercation the heroes managed to glean enough information about the Mercenaries to take a brazen risk by going to their compound and ending their menace once and for all. Using the captured vehicle from the night prior the heroes masqueraded as the wayward marauders in the early morning as they approached the settlement and upon entering quickly overcame the band who were taken aback unexpectedly by the aggressive heroic assault.

The heroes discovered that the mercenaries were sent to New Meen by a Hutt in the Arkanis sector named Timo who will most likely be none to happy his endeavor was thwarted.

Having saved New Meen and B’ura B’an the heroes earned the gratefulness of the town folks.

Trouble Brewing..
Game 2: New Meen and Bur-ban

The journey takes our adventurers to Nabatt where they manage to meet a group of individuals fighting for the rights and lives of many of the miners in the townships around Nabatt. The Ryll mines near New Meen and settlements like it have become the haven and running grounds for bands of marauding bandits whom harass steal and rough up the local miners. None have been killed but the confrontations are getting stronger and stronger.

Eventually the root of the issue is discovered when dealings involving the hutts and local marauding brigands reveal the plan to drive the small communities from their homes in order to bring in large scale mining operations. B’ura B’ans home is one of these communities of New Meen.

En route to New Meen the adventurers are confronted with an ambush of large game trapper bounty hunter whom decided to make the heroes part of their daily catch. Unbeknownst a Lylek also had thoughts on the matter. After a harrowing gun battle the Hunters and Lylek were defeated.

Unlikely Companions
Game 1: Objects in Space...

The Wayfarer transport dropped out of hyperspace a little long outside of the Rylos gravity well. The captain quickly brought the ship to slow sub light then to a full stop as he looked at the scanner ahead. The Duros captains brow furrowed as he motioned to his copilot to follow.In the Cargo hold of the vessel a disparate group of individuals tended to their own needs passing curious glances to one another.

Along the back bulkhead lying at rest was the Selonian. Apparently on the wrong end of some violent event. his glaive leaning against his form held tight. The whole time during the travel a Bothan, an obvious doctor tended the Selonian at intervals keeping the bandages fresh and clean.

Along the fore section of the hold A Chiss adorned in the trappings of one familiar with the machinations of machinery and a Toydarian whom simply hovered content with herself and exchanged familiar conversation with the Chiss as they observed.

Neither pair speaking to one another but their attention sharply drawn to the hurried opening of the for bulkhead door as the captain entered. Looking back over the four individuals whom had bought passage along the the wayfarers route he addressed them as they turned their attention to him.

“Something is in our path and its not responding. were going to investigate so keep an eye out.”

The Wayfarer came alongside the wreckage of a YT-1300 floating free with obvious damage. The Travelers boarded the vessel. With his own ship to keep secure just in case he commissioned the passengers to board the vessel and share the find 50/50. After a few moments the out hatch was sliced by the doctor and and they made there way into the midst of something wrong.

There had been a fire fight on board and after some small time exploring a surprisingly there was a survivor. A wookiee slave prisoner was the last remaining soul on the vessel and by salvage rights he was the owner of the encountered vessel. The Wookiee grateful for its rescue and the travelers realizing they were on the edge of something interesting as each had something to offer one another as they got the vessel in a working order, left the Duros captain and flew on their own to Rylos.


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