The Wheel

“Its size makes it appear closer than it is, but the Wheel’s reputation does not rest on its size. There are other constructions in the galaxy larger, more awesome… The Wheel is a monument. A monument to pleasure, to risk, to greed. to life and death.”

The Wheel was a large space station located in the Besh Gorgon system of the Mid Rim. It had no natural planetary bodies. The Wheel was located in the system. Its primary star was Besh Gorgon.



  • Blasted Asteroid Cantina
  • Dented Droid (Driod Parts + Sales)
  • Tasia’s Cafe
  • Hal’s Parts (Ship Parts)
  • Farlander’s Supply (General Equipment)
  • Port Authority
  • Sonou’s Apparel (Clothing/Armor)
  • Casino (High Stakes & Hyper Space)
  • Isotech (Cybernietics)

Notable NPC Contacts:
Reom: Isotech Shop
Ja-Soon: Ja’s-Sabbac On Deck 45

The Wheel

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