Unforeseen Fates

Break Out!

THe team Sucessfuly breaks out of the Tivar II detention facility with the Rebel officer and a unexpected Companion.

Frozen Assets

The Team must rescue A Rebel from the Clutches of the Empire in order to discover what is on a data stick they acquired.

Reverse Acquisition

Don’t kick sleeping Krayt Dragons

Honor the Past
End of Jewel of Yavin
The Heist!
To steal or not to steal!.. That is not the real question..
The Cloud City Grand Prix
Jewel of Yavin continue...
Your service is required....
Jewel of Yavin...

Begin Jewel of Yavin module.

Just rewards and Unintended Debts

AS the dust settles from the battle with the collector our heroes find themselves within the bastion as it slowly tears itself apart with Gamorean infighting.

While in the upper chambers the heroes realize they still are not alone as sounds emanate form the tower chamber of the collector. Racing up the stairs Tollen and then Cotte are blown back by withering firepower from the mercenary/ex bodyguard Jaxil.

Jaxil intent on calming his pay is stealing from the collector in this moment of opportunity revealing himself to be nothing more than a common thief. His efforts to get the good are thwarted by the remaining heroes whom disrupt his efforts by taking his ship and denying him his goods, force him to retreat from the chamber empty handed.

Realizing he loses noting by fleeing he does so with full knowledge of whom has crossed him twice in his efforts, a reckoning will come.

Below chambers a different scene unfolds as the arrival of the hut overlord of this system arrives due to troublesome reports of disruptions to his “business”

At the Same time Farooth arrives calming power over Karkoth bastion due to Gorregars betrayal of face. The results being Gorregar is unseated as leader and in a fit of rage challenges in open combat Farooth. The Selonian Marrow offers to be the champion and in quick but Vicious combat manages to severely wound Gorregar who cannot continue. In a show of mercy Marrow allows Gorregar to live.

The final moments reveal the Huttese lord is annoyed at the disruption of such base wants and needs, and Requires the heroes services for a task fo his own. His reasons his own but it will send them to the city of Besbin and the Jewel of Yavin

Crashing the Party
Game 11: When pigs fly..

Banquet on Gammor at Karkoth Bastion.. not what you expect.

Our intrepid adventurers managed to gain entrance to a banquet that lord Gorregar was having the night after their arrival at Karkoth bastion. During the ceremony Gorregar for entertainmet offers up a pair of slaves whom he kills in a grim display acusing them of Espionage. one fo the slaves a bothn manages to pass to Rysker something of unasuming importance unseen to its captors.

In the mean time one of the members of our group, the selonian is sneaking around the back of the mountain in an effort to gain entrance to the bastins since he is aware that the collector knows him by sight.

The team successfully plants the holorecorder in a place to hope fully capture the lord of karkoth in a compromising situation. Eventually the situation presents itself and the submissiveness of the Lord to a human is revealed.

Assuming roles as guests of status through efficient dialog, WIllo, Rozur, Cotte get tour of upper chambers by the majordomo of karkoth bastion. Tolen still on arena level then makes way upper chambers via a secondary elevator. Moments earlyer the selonian manages to find his way into the upper chambers of the bastion and subdues a human whom almost compromised his position.

Moments later the collector reveals himself searching for the missing assistant and finds himself in front of the party and the majordomo. Blasters are pulled and Weapons drawn, Chaos erupts in the ante chambers of the collectors quarters.

During the battle Rozur meets up with Rysker and they retrive the holovid, rushing out to the main arena floor they promptly play the vid for all of Gorregars followers to see. Pandemonium breaks out with calls of betrayal from those whom want to see gorregar fall and the few supporters whom believe it is deception. Mass Disruption of authority on arena floor as lieutenants and grunts argue between each other, small factions splintering off as Gorregar attempts to Restore authority.

WE end this session at a cliff hanger with the collector felled , and the bastion in disarray with infighting among the gammoreans. Gorregar on the arena floor among his supporters and opponents.

Cotte,Willo, Marrow, Tolen in upper chambers.
Rozur, Ryskr in lower slave pens.

Running of the Reeks...
Game 10: Reek riding at it finest.

Our heroes manages to hash out a basic plan to get inside the gates of Karkoth bastion. One of the local delicacies on Gammor is Reek meat. To hunt reek is a very dangerous proposition but eventually enough gear and equipment is gathered to attempt a hunt. The plan is to pose as merchants whom recently slew Reek in order toi bring the fine meat to KArkoth bastion and sell it in the open market thus granting them access inside the walls.

The hunt goes off with few problems. The heroes manage to find a small herd and peel two of the Massive Reek off in an effort to Take them down. With a well executed plan the first reek is brought low with the combined effort of the group, yet the toydarian once again would Claim the killing blow on the beast. The second Reek was not as easy to subdue. The beast charged the group on the ground leaving the fast moving skiff alone and was struck in the head by the Selonian. Some how the Selonian warrior became stuck on the Head of the Rampaging Reek grasping a horn and Broken haft of her Glaive. After a harrowing Chase the group manages top drop the beast and rescue the battered member.

After regrouping themselves our heroes make their way to karkoth bastion with the full glory of their kills for all to see are invited within the walls to the market place. The bounty they brought draws the attention of none other than Gorregar, lord of Karkoth who claims some of the bounty and purchased half of whats left for a feast in one days time. The Heroes are at an impasse at this time seeing how their time table has been accelerated to find the information they require.


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