1: Cotte Rohr (PC)

Wookie with a heart under all that fur.




Cotte’Rohr was originally born on Kasshyyk, but his parents joined an expedition to settle a new colony on a forest world on the Outer Rim, before the fall of the Republic. Records of the colony were destroyed during the Seperatist Invasion of Kasshyyk, before the news could be spread. At the suggestion of the Jedi General, they did not reveal the news, but kept it covert. The colonists kept in discreet contact with their families on Kasshyyk, but once the Empire was spawned, they broke direct ties, only using a network of smugglers to exchange information.

With little outside contact, the hidden colony revived the survival skills of their ancestors, only using few modern conviences. Until this time, the colony of Wookiees have numbered a few thousand, but some have heard of the enslavement of their brethern, and have looked for ways to rescue them. Using their small network of smugglers, they have started to rescue and bring Wookiee refugees to their hidden colony.

A Trandoshan Bounty Hunter named Trex, was known to hunt Wookiee Refugees for profit, bloodlust and to return them to slavery. Cotte’Rohr discovered that the Trandoshan was working from a base on Tatooine, and attempted to take him out. Unfortuantely, he arrived too late, and the Trandoshan had already killed his prey, but Cotte was able to free a Twi’lek girl, and boarded Trex’s ship, the Krayt Fang. Unfortunately, a rival gang arrived and prevented Cotte from taking his revenge. During the firefight, Cotte and the Twi’lek were injured and the rival gang, stole the Krayt Fang.
Apparently, some of Trex’s gang had hidden on the ’Fang and gotten their revenge, destoying the hyperdrive in the process…

1: Cotte Rohr (PC)

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